​​​​Birding  Pipeline Road and throughout central and eastern Panama

Birding Pipeline Panama

The following reviews are in addition to all of the 5-star reviews posted in Trip Advisor. 

October 9, 2017
Hi Kent,

I hope you and your family are doing well. I'm back from my trip to Panama and had an excellent time with Nando. Thank you very much for introducing us. It was an absolute pleasure working with him and he was extremely patient and knowledgeable and generous with his time. I got some amazing shots.
He went out of his way to take me to places that could have the kind of wildlife that I was looking for. We even did a night safari which was quite incredible on Pipeline. He was with me for 4 days. For me, it was truly incredible.
I thank you again for introducing Nando and I think anyone that goes with him will be incredibly pleased and satisfied. I think we're planning a trip with him to the Darien region. Wishing you and your wife the very best. 
Best regards,
Saurin Munshaw from Los Angeles, California, USA

​(Saurin is a returning client. Kent guided him and his wife, Deepti, on October 26 and 27, 2015.)

Birding Pipeline Panama

November 9, 2016
Nando was our guide. He was wonderful! This was my mother's, daughter's, and my first time birding, and he was extremely knowledgeable and nice to us novices. We got to see so much! Definitely got us excited for more. I would highly recommend Nando as a birding guide!
Andover, Massachusetts, USA

​​August 18, 2016
Nando, the best of luck to you my friend. I know you will be a great success. You are a very hard worker, you love people, and it shows. I traveled all over the world photographing birds and I've never had a better guide than you. Congratulations.
Owen Deutsch
​Chicago, Illinois, USA

Photos, here by permission, were taken while birding with Kent Livezey along Pipeline Road: immature Agami Heron (Chip Scialfa), Streaked Flycatcher (Jacques Giraud), and male Great Jacamar (Alfred Raab). Header photos of male Spotted Antbird (Jacques Giraud) and Keel-billed Toucan (Wayne Lynch) are here by permission. Website by Kent Livezey.

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