Kent Livezey (pictured above) started Birding Pipeline Panama in 2014. He turned it over to Nando in October 2017 so he could do other things including recording bird songs (see the link below). He has more than 20 publications in peer-reviewed, scientific journals. Three of these, plus a magazine article, concern birding in Panama and elsewhere, and are cited below. The bird song key is, as far as Kent knows, the largest bird song key in the world, and the database is the largest published listing of bird flight-initiation distances in the world. Click on the buttons to get the pdfs.

Livezey K. 2017. Developing a key to bird songs along Panama's Pipeline Road using xeno-canto recordings. Neotropical Birding 20:8–13. 

​​Livezey K. 2016. An approach to identifying bird songs: A key to more than 300 songs in the Pipeline Road area, Soberanía National Park, Panama. Open Ornithology Journal 9:70–112. (Save this on your computer before opening so the links among the choices in the key work correctly.)

Livezey K, Fernández-Juricic E, Blumstein D. 2016. Database of bird flight initiation distances to assist in estimating effects from human disturbance and delineating buffer areas. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 7:181–191. (Click here for the electronic version with access to the database and other supplementary material.)

Livezey K, Blumstein D. 2016. “Shortest-distance” method is more accurate than conventional method in estimating flight initiation distances for close, perched birds. Journal of Ornithology 157:923–925. 


Photos, here by permission, were taken while birding with Kent in the Pipeline Road area: immature Rufescent Tiger-Heron (Mario Olteanu), Bicolored Antbird (Jacques Giraud), Gray-headed Tanager (Jacques Giraud), and Whooping Motmot (split from Blue-crowned Motmot; Jacques Giraud). Header photo of Keel-billed Toucan (Wayne Lynch) is here by permission. Website by Kent Livezey.

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