Bird world-famous Pipeline Road with guide Kent Livezey

Birding Pipeline Panama


I won't be guiding during this year's rainy season―from April 1 through November 31. For those who follow me, you'll know that I took off most of the rainy season in 2016 to write three publications and an article, which are now published (see "The Guide" page). This year, I'll be focusing on birding in other parts of Panama and the world.

​​​​If you'd like a birding guide during this time, I recommend you consider these guides (listed alphabetically). If you contact them, please mention I suggested you do so.

― Justo Camargo of Just Adventures Tours (for Pipeline and other areas in central Panama):;

― Nando Quiroz of Nando's Panama Tours (for Pipeline and other areas in central Panama, and for the Darien of eastern Panama):;​​

More importantly, the Panama Tourism Authority is starting a process by which all types of guides are to be certified. Until I am certified, I will be neither guiding nor accepting any clients. 

Photo of Whooping Motmot (recent split from Blue-crowned Motmot; Jacques Giraud) is here by permission. Header photo of Keel-billed Toucan by Wayne Lynch is here by permission. Website by Kent Livezey.

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