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Nando Quiroz

Nando Quiroz (pronounced “keeROS”) was born on May 22, 1974 in Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui Province, western Panama. Rosabel Miro (now Executive Director of Panama Audubon Society) and Karl Kaufman of Cerro Azul introduced him to observing birds in 2001, and he began guiding in the area in 2005. From 2011 to August 2016, he supervised the construction of Canopy Camp in Darién. He can identify to species hundreds of songs and calls of Panama birds, as well as ID them quickly by sight. His native language is Spanish, but he speaks English as well. He started guiding in Cocle, Panama, and Darien provinces in August 2016. He began guiding for Birding Pipeline Panama when Kent Livezey, who started Birding Pipeline Panama in 2014, turned over the guiding to him in October 2017. 

Domiciano Alveo Guide Pipeline Road Panama

Domiciano Alveo

Domiciano (“Domi”) Alveo was born and raised in El Valle de Antón in Panama’s beautiful foothills. Domi’s interest in birds started when he was in his early youth; he started learning to identify bird species of his home by not only how they looked, but by their calls and songs as well. He started as a nature and bird guide in El Valle at the age of 14. For several years, he apprenticed under the guidance of a long-time birder in El Valle, but most of what he learned was self-taught by spending years in the field. Since 2007, he worked as a bird guide in Gamboa, leading hundreds of tours of Pipeline Road, Gamboa, and other areas. Domi has spent extensive time birding in central Panama lowlands and foothills, and in Darién, Panama’s easternmost province full of regional endemics. Domi is familiar and confident with identification, both visually and by sound, of Panama’s birds across the country. Not only is he an excellent birder, but he is bilingual (Spanish and English), considerate, and patient, making him one of the best bird guides in Panama.
When not guiding, Domi spends time scouting areas for new birding sites. He enjoys traveling with his family and taking his 3 daughters out birding. 

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